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Eoe quality of the basic requirements, should be sealed and easy to pull.

2022-07-20 16:42:13

Eoe quality of the basic requirements, should be sealed and eoe. In the past, many people often used pliers to help them open the tin lid. Sometimes when the rivets fell off, they could only still use a tin opener. Special-shaped cans are more difficult to pull open the lid.

And the production of tinplate eoe equipment are mostly imported products, the relative price and maintenance and after-sales service costs will be relatively high, in fact, mainly the use of tinplate thickness, hardness and mold problems. And now our domestic enterprise organization technical force, carefully study easy to pull cover equipment production line, the use of effective measures, constantly improve the quality, give play to the advantages of easy to pull cover and due role.

Eoe quality of the basic requirements, should be sealed and easy to pull.

Eoe lid, also called eoe lid, is used to seal cans with a pull lid, belongs to the metal packaging products. Made of aluminum or tinplate, with various sizes, suitable for iron cans, aluminum cans, composite cans, PET plastic cans and paper cans, etc. (Eoe equipment)

Easy to pull cover

Easy-pull lid is the lid used for metal cans in food canning industry. Easy to pull cover process: iron sheet a foundation cover forming → pull ring combination forming → post-processing process → imaging visual detection → cover packaging. Easy to pull cover circular and non-circular two categories, irregular easy to pull cover refers to the non-circular easy to pull cover, such as oval, square, horseshoe, etc. Easy pull lid is used for sealing and opening cans, its definition is pre-engraved with a certain depth of the notch line and riveted pull ring opened along the notch line can be safely torn cover. It is a better anti-counterfeit bottle cap. Easy to pull cover is more difficult, and many enterprises have fully considered the need for anti-counterfeiting before use, so the design of poor interchangeability is used when making the cover. The universal type is not good, so it has a certain anti-counterfeiting effect. Another anti-counterfeiting effect of easy-pull lid is that special equipment is required when using it, so the use of easy-pull lid wine products is less counterfeit.