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Causes and treatment measures of eoe neck retraction fold

2022-07-20 16:48:12

Eoe neck folding refers to the existence of different degrees of folding phenomenon (usually slight) in the neck of empty cans after the neck of cans. The crease of the neck of the can only affects the appearance of the product and does not involve the double roll sealing.

There are three causes for the crinkling of the neck of a can. One, can neck metal circumference thickness is not completely uniform. Secondly, in the production process, the expansion of the neck die due to the temperature rise will lead to a slight change in the internal and external die clearance. Because the matching of raw materials and mold space is not fixed, when the fluctuation of matching exceeds a certain degree, the metal in the neck may produce wrinkles in the process of extrusion. Third, occasionally there may be slag, light oil particles and other foreign bodies on the outer wall of the neck of the tank, resulting in neck constriction folds.

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Although the neck fold problem is difficult to completely eliminate, but the degree is generally not too serious, often the number is very small. There has never been a consumer complaint about the return precedent, so customers can directly use. Of course, if a large number of such problems are abnormal, need to be analyzed and solved.

The washing and disinfection of tinplate can can be divided into manual and mechanical cleaning. Manual cleaning refers to washing with hot water, disinfection in boiling water for 30-60 seconds, then drain water upside down. Artificial cleaning is a disadvantage: labor intensity, low efficiency. Mechanical cleaning is hot water washing, boiling water or steam disinfection 30-60 seconds, its advantages are automatic, washing quantity is high, high efficiency.