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Eoe two cans of application advantages

2022-07-20 15:28:49

Eoe two cans are mainly used for carbonated drinks and beer packaging. At present two - piece cans are mainly aluminum two - piece cans. The aluminum two-piece tank is made of thin aluminum alloy. The thinning and stretching process is used in the manufacturing process, so the thickness of the tank wall is significantly thinner than the tank bottom. When used for beer packaging, the strong internal pressure compensates for the rigidity of thin cans. But the high air resistance, shading and sealing of metal cans will keep the quality of beer in cans stable. These metallic characteristics allow the canisters to be filled at constant pressure or at high speed.

Two cans have a good seal. The tank body is directly formed by drawing process without leakage. The two cans do not need to be welded and sealed, to avoid lead pollution from the tin, and high temperature sterilization, to ensure product health. The body of two cans has no seam, beautiful shape, and the body can be decorated and printed continuously, and the effect is good. Two cans only have two parts, and the tank body manufacturing process is simple, with the benefit of increasing production capacity. The tank body of two cans is formed as a whole, without longitudinal seam of the tank body and joint with the tank bottom, which also saves materials.

Easy to pull cover

The main function of easy-pull lid can sealant is to seal in the double edge of easy-pull lid can. During loading, unloading, storage and transportation of cans, the contents of cans can be protected. And the performance of sealant, sealant should control the dry film amount, oil resistance and water resistance of sealant. The correct location distribution of the hook edge inner film is: about 70% inside the hook edge and about 30% in the plane. In addition, the size of the film should meet its own process requirements. Excessive amount of glue is easy to cause extrusion, especially in the case of metal can materials are becoming thinner and harder, the dry film amount of easy to open sealant should be appropriately decreased. At the same time, it should be noted that the amount of sealing film to achieve the sealing effect plays a decisive role in the volume of the film, so it should be clear about the density of the sealant on the easy to open cover, and then determine the amount of dry film of the sealant on the easy to open cover of various varieties.