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Where is eoe packaging generally used

2022-07-20 14:01:36

The supermarket is full of goods, all kinds of packaging, have a plenty of eoe, have a plenty of hot sealing, have a plenty of aluminum foil sealing..... Which way of packing is better? What difference does it make? Let's analyze it:

Where are the different types of Elaget used? Below by the technical professional easy to pull cover manufacturers to give you interpretation:

Eoe is divided into aluminum easy to pull cover, ma Kou iron eoe, drinks eoe, aluminum and platinum eoe.

Aluminum eoe lid is generally used in nuts, powders, snacks and other packaged foods.

Ma Kou tieyi pull lid is generally used in canned packaging (such as: canned fish fruit, canned meat food fruit, canned vegetables and fruits).

Beverage eoe is plainly applied in a variety of health drinks packaging (such as: wine, fruit juice, carbonated drinks).

Aluminum-platinum removable lid is used in powder, dry goods knowledge (such as: baby milk powder, instant coffee, seasonings), etc.

Easy pull cover

We can choose suitable eoe according to unnecessary goods.

What is the difference between eoe seal and aluminum platinum seal?

Eoe seal and aluminum platinum seal is not the same machine equipment.

Aluminum-platinum sealing is carried out by induction aluminum foil sealing machine, there are two methods of water cooling and air cooling, water cooling heat dissipation sealing is mostly pneumatic, can be used to day appliances, paper balls and other industrial supplies plastic film packaging seal. Therefore, the automatic sealing machine is also known as pneumatic automatic sealing machine.

Eoe the lid seal is the lock cover machine. There are automatic sealing, automatic sealing, automatic sealing difference.

The above is a simple classification of packaging, I hope to help you.