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The history of Elaget

2018-04-12 10:06:22

The following is eoe manufacturers to take you to understand:


1, with health, not easy to rust, easy to open, without auxiliary software, after opening, the bottle stopper has destruction, can reasonably avoid stealing.

2. Excellent cache, seismic grade, heat insulation, waterproof, chemical corrosion resistance and other advantages, and no, no moisture absorption, no dust peeling chip, good sealing function.

3, according to different requirements to do stainless steel pill heat resistance, moisture resistance boiling, alcohol resistance, etc., design patterns can choose color packaging printing, convex word, milling word.

Easy pull cover

4. The inner pad adopts the production process of special type collagen material, so that it has good sealing ability after sealing the bottle, and the cover surface has a large plan, which makes the packaging and printing of various text logo and bottle stopper more beautiful and elegant, and also makes canned fruit products more valuable.

Development trend historical time

1810: The world only tin cans by the British invention, and obtained patent. In those days a barrel maker could make 60 empty cans a day.

1900: Creates the DC welding machine.

1947: Us invents barrel making equipment to replace manpower.

1965: Aluminum easy-pull caps are introduced into barrels.

1973: The iron easy-pull lid is gradually used to make barrels.

1990: Barrel production technology increased to more than 1,000 cans per minute.