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Steps and requirements for iron eoe production

2018-04-12 09:52:36

The iron eoe lid is used for sealing canned fruit containing buckle outer cover, belonging to the metal manufacturing products. Usually made of aluminum or ma Kou iron, with various specifications, suitable for iron boxes, aluminum bottles, compound cans, PET plastic cans and paper cans, etc.

In today's life is very common, iron eoe cover is mainly used for drinks and food packaging. Associated with the customer's physical and mental health, and safety regulation is very high, in view of the machinery and equipment also need high accuracy, smoothness, the regulation of the mentioned high impermeability, such as scale knife in eoe deep tight calibration precision to mu m class, in order to prevent the moment through liquid leakage and environmental pollution, the deep cause can carve through shallow card buckle pulls hard to succeed, Second, because eoe is used in food canned fruit packaging, so we need to be very high for environmental health.

Easy pull cover

Therefore, during manufacturing, steam is introduced into the sterilizing kettle to exhaust the gas, and then turn off the automatic exhaust valve. High pressure steam is introduced into the sterilizing kettle again, so that the tank temperature reaches 128 degrees. High pressure steam is introduced from one end of the sterilization kettle, when the working pressure inside is higher than the rated value, it is discharged from the pressure reducing valve, so that the ambient temperature and working pressure inside remain stable. This is eoe (Coke bottle) to carry out disinfection and sterilization process, only quality assurance, customers can buy peace of mind use.