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Analysis of opening force factors of EOE

2018-04-12 10:08:50

Eoe lid is a can cover, carved in the opening part of the lid, equipped with a lifting ring, easy to open. According to the different way of opening, it is divided into hole open tearing type eoe (RPT). Hole open eoe (SOT) and full open eoe. Opening force is an important part of quality control of eoe. In order to ensure that canned food is easy to open, storage and transportation traces are not easy to damage. The country has strict requirements on the opening force of eoe: RPT opening force 9-15N (GB/T17950-1998). There are many reasons for unstable opening force of eoe. Taking RPT type as an example, the unstable factors are analyzed.

1. Aluminum factors affect the opening force.

1) Different alloy aluminum production of eoe opening force is different. Eoe materials generally use open cans.

5052.5182 alloy aluminum, excellent picture performance, containing 4%-5% magnesium and 0.35% manganese. Type 5182 is a hard material with high compressive strength (630kpa), suitable for making beer or carbonated drinks. 5052 soft material is often used for fruit juice, tea and other low-pressure can cover (310kpa). The test proves that the opening force of tank lid produced by 5182 material is about 1-2N than that produced by 5052 material.

2) The opening force of eoe produced by different manufacturers is different. In order to ensure the quality of easy to open cover, at present.

Domestic easy to pull cover materials mainly rely on imports, including Japanese residents, aluminum and so on. Some enterprises also choose Zhejiang Huayang aluminum as a substitute. But every aluminum manufacturer's production process. The different distribution of alloy has a certain influence on the opening force of eoe.

Easy pull cover

3) Aluminum lines affect the opening force. Aluminum is cold rolled twice and can be viewed under a microscope.

Obviously, it's a molding line. The experiment proves that the opening force of the eoe with the same opening direction of the line and the pull ring is 0.3-0.5N larger than the horizontal cover of the line.

4) Aluminum storage time will affect the opening force. Magnesium - aluminum alloys soften during room temperature storage.

Therefore, the storage cycle of aluminum and eoe also has a certain effect on the opening force. In view of the influence of aluminum opening force, the inspection of supplier's material should be strengthened. Batch differentiation. Inventory management, and according to the national standard requirements of different profiles processing technology. Revise enterprise standards as appropriate.


Second, the residual amount of cutting line does not meet the specification, affecting the opening force.

The residual specification of engraving line is based on the requirements of national standards for opening force, combined with materials, equipment and other factors. Proportional to the opening force. The residual amount is small, because the material is thinner than the surrounding material, the strength is smaller, cracking under the action of shear force. Residue is an important basis to adjust the mold and control the opening force, and its precision is very high, in micron unit. In production, the change of machine oil and mold temperature will change the change of dead point residue under stamping, resulting in the opening force exceeds the standard. First, check whether the residual positive and negative deviations are large or not parallel to left and right. Adjust the knife-edge die if necessary.