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Iron eoe

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Eoe is a can lid that has a notch in the opening part and is fitted with a pull ring for easy opening.

First, the residual amount of cutting line does not meet the specification and affects the opening force

Line residue specification is based on the requirements of national standards for opening force, combined with materials, equipment and other factors. It is proportional to the opening force. Residual amount is small, because the material is thinner than the periphery, the strength becomes smaller, cracking and opening under the action of shear force. Residue is an important basis for adjusting the mold and controlling the opening force, and its precision is very high, in micron. In production, the change of oil temperature and mold temperature will change the change of dead point residue under stamping, resulting in excessive opening force. First, detect whether the residue deviation is large or not parallel to the left and right. If necessary, adjust the knife edge mold.

Two, the opening force is affected by abnormal cutting mould

1, cutting edge wear caused by opening force. The cutting edge of the cutting line is 50O sharp Angle, and the front edge of the cutting edge is 0.038+0.013-0.000mm flat. The cutting section of the stamping line is trapezoid. Under the action of external force, the trapezoid cutting Angle is easy to crack under the force of external force, and the front edge of the cutting Angle becomes R Angle after the cutting edge is worn. Breaking force increases.

2. Abnormal influence of engraving line model. RPT juice cover blade mould design has two section is poor, open the residual thickness smaller than fully open at about 0.05-0.06 mm, in order to make sure the scribed line to open, open, and conform to the requirements of the drop test, the present model two period of draw points before and after the migration, period of poor it R Angle grinding, improper or not parallel to the plane of left and right sides is symmetrical, surface finish is coarse, can cause abnormal opening. Solve die influence of opening force, mainly to prevent check, on general tangential blade die stamping in 3000-50 million times, 100 million times or so lower die stamping, need more than 40 times microscope on its surface finish, check blade wear, and combined with the residual thickness, opening force data analysis to determine whether to replace grinding or mold.