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Screw cover eoe

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Eoe, also known as  Eoe, is to use pull ring seal can cover, belongs to metal packaging products. It is made of aluminum or tinplate in various sizes. Suitable for iron cans, aluminum cans, composite cans, PET plastic cans, paper cans. The following hengyi take you to understand the easy pull cover instrument testing common problems?

1. The reason for testing the instrument. RPT easy to break testing machine design simulation manual opening mode, cover tilt 30 degrees. This digital display automatic tensiometer has been widely used in domestic hat-making enterprises, but some small enterprises still use manual flat tensile testing machine. Due to uneven hand power and abnormal opening Angle, the illusion of high opening force will be created.

2. The detection method is abnormal. Before testing the pull, the eoe should be baked for 10 minutes in the oven at 200℃, and then tested after natural cooling. This is based on the simulation of the sterilization process in the canning furnace cover and filling workshop. This process is actually a metal material heat treatment process. If temperature, time and cooling mode are not properly controlled, the opening force of eoe will also be affected.

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