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Eoe lid is a tank lid with a notch in the opening and a lifting ring for easy opening. According to the different opening mode, can be divided into open type easy pull cover (RPT), hole lifting pressure plate type easy pull cover (SOT) and fully open EOE. Opening force is an important part of quality control of easy pull cover. In order to ensure that canned food is easy to open, in the process of storage and transportation is not easy to damage the mark.

1.aluminum factors affect the opening force

2. Different aluminum alloy production of eoe opening force is different. Generally, 5052 and 5182 alloy aluminum materials with excellent performance are selected as easy to pull cover materials. Type 5182 contains 4% ~ 5% magnesium and 0.35% manganese. It is a hard material with high compressive strength (630kpa), suitable for making beer or carbonated beverage. 5052 soft material is often used for fruit juice, tea and other resistance to internal pressure (310kpa) can cover. The results show that the opening force of 5182 is 1 ~ 2N larger than that of 5052.

3. Different manufacturers of easy to pull cover opening force is different. In order to ensure the quality of easy to pull cover, domestic easy to pull cover materials mainly rely on imports. Some enterprises choose Zhejiang Huayang Aluminum as an alternative. However, the production process and alloy distribution of various aluminum manufacturers are different, which has a certain impact on the opening force of the eoe.

4. Aluminum particles affect the opening force. Aluminum is formed by two cold rolling and its forming rules can be clearly seen by microscope. The experimental results show that the opening force of the easy pull cap in the same direction as the opening of the ring is 0.3 ~ 0.5 N larger than that of the transverse grain.

5. The storage time of aluminum affects the opening force. Magnesium - aluminum alloys soften when stored at room temperature.

Therefore, the storage period of aluminum and easy to pull cover on the opening force also have a certain impact. In view of the influence of aluminum perforating force, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection, batch and inventory management of materials supplied by suppliers, and modify the processing technology and enterprise standards according to the national standard requirements of different profiles.

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