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Iron eoe

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Eoe refers to the bottle cap with the pull ring, easy to open. The traditional easy-pull bottle cap is more common in all kinds of iron cans, beer aluminum cans. The appearance of easy-pull bottle caps brought convenience to people, so it was widely welcomed.

First of all, easy to open the cap save effort, easy to open. We all know that many tinplate cans and glass bottles are covered with metal, so it takes a lot of force to open them. Especially female friends, it is difficult to open easily. The easy-pull bottle cap solves this problem. Secondly, easy to pull cap cost is low, simple structure, convenient production, lower cost than many caps. However, the easy-pull bottle cap has good sealing properties, which can protect food from the bacterial attack of many food and beverage products.

And eoe is not popular, and its shortcomings are inseparable. A, easy to pull some of the cap design is not humanized, especially for children or people with short nails, just began to lift the cap or there is trouble. Secondly, easy to pull the cap is a single destructive cap, can not be repeatedly sealed, to use to bring great inconvenience.

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