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Beer eoe

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In addition to tomato, vinegar products, eoe belong to low acid or neutral food. In addition, the material may contaminate heat-resistant bacillus in the soil, so high-temperature sterilization is required. Through sterilization, on the one hand can kill or canned microorganisms, so that cans can be stored in a suitable storage environment for a long time without deterioration; On the other hand, it can kill pathogenic bacteria and avoid raw food poisoning. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to in the process of sterilization of Elah beer lid.

1. Sterilization conditions shall be determined according to the type of vegetable raw materials, aging degree, tenderness, pH value of contents, heat conduction velocity in the tank, degree of microbial contamination, initial sterilization temperature, type of sterilization equipment, etc.

2. Under the premise of not affecting the flavor and color of the product, reducing the pH value to make the content acidic can shorten the sterilization time.

3. The higher the freshness of raw materials, the faster the process process, the product with light microbial pollution and fast heat conduction in the tank can also shorten the sterilization time.

4. Mushroom products such as high temperature convection sterilization, short time. The effect of continuous oscillation sterilizer is faster and better than that of intermittent static sterilizer.

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