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Preliminary study on optimization design of EOE

2018-04-12 10:10:18

Metal materials surface adornment art can good, high compressive strength, convenient storage and transportation highlighting features, such as increasingly has suffered the love, metal bucket is used for packing food, began to ascend to the Napoleonic era before 200, now two pieces of metal materials, three cans had become soft drinks, fruit juices, your beer, etc. One of the key way of packing. At the present stage, there are many models and specifications of open can on the market, and most of the lid is easy to open, but the current standard application of open cover structure type are shortcomings.

1 pull ring type eoe open basic principle and classification

Pull ring type easy to open cover, commonly known as open type can cover, this type of cover is convenient to open, open only the flap ring on the cat, slightly pull pull can open the can cover. The basic principle of open ring type eoe is: first in the tank cover opened at the prefabricated stamping, reduce its part of the compressive strength, when opened in the ring around the cause of more centralized earth stress, shear stress effect, is the imprint crack and open. In general, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the tank is small, the shear stress caused by the imprint is small and well-proportioned, and the tank is not easy to split independently, ensuring the safety factor of the delivery and bottled goods in THE SQL statement.

There are two ways to pull the lid: one is the opening type, when the pull ring is pulled, the lid opens a small hole, so that the hole can suck out or pour out the liquid contents, and the other is the open mouth type, when the pull ring is pulled, almost all the lid is opened, so that the solid, powder or relatively high viscosity of the contents can be removed. The key to explore the opening of the lid, this kind of cover is widely used in the cans, at this stage, the opening type eoe has two kinds: full tear type and part-time tear type. Both pot LIDS have their advantages and disadvantages.

2 opening type easy to open the characteristics of the analysis

Full tear easy to open the cover of the use of a long time, in the current drink bottles are widely used. Full tearing easy to open cover production and manufacturing process is perfect, beautiful structure, good stacking characteristics, reluctant to part storage, transportation and show. As everyone knows, the pull ring that is torn easily to open the cover will be discarded by others after being opened, bringing about air pollution, and injuring others likely, which is also the shortcoming of torn easily to open the cover completely. For the full tear easy to open the cover of this disadvantage, we design a part-time tear easy to open cover that is easy to save the open cover.

The preservation type easy to open cover in the ring pull up when the mouth does not fall down from the cover, but is sent into the tank, this kind of structure to avoid the ring and the mouth throw everywhere injury and environmental pollution problems, as they do not know, this kind of structure is also a large system loophole. Bottled drinks in transportation, display design market sales and into the cold room, and customers with into the storage tank are very prone to environmental pollution from bacteria dust, so that was sent into the tank part of the mouth and the contents of the contact, the customer's drinking water environmental health can not be ensured.

In addition, the above two can cover a TAB in the case of open is not very convenient, customers are the harmonious feelings in the open under the condition of easy open lid TAB, is mainly by finger refers to hard cover, this kind of design scheme is not easy to use standard of personalized, from the perspective of human body engineering, when the disc ring of concrete through your fingers, The finger ends shall effectively specify the contact space for traps at the end of the pull ring.

Easy pull cover

3Easy to open the lid reliability design

After comprehensive analysis, the author carried out the reliability design of the tank cover, and its style is shown in Figure 3, which is the reliability design frame diagram of the tank cover. The structural design of the design scheme is similar to that of the preservation cover, with bolts as the support point and the tail end of the pull ring as the reaction force position. Force is applied to the top of the geothermal resource ring which will push down the tank cover. The design differs from that of the preservation cover, in which the bolt is subjected to upward force when the pull ring is pulled, and the tear piece is raised under the effect of shear stress. The end of the tear piece is connected to the tank cover as the electrode connection wire. This kind of design concept is carried out for the defects of the fully torn and preserved two kinds of tank cover. Its structure prevents the air pollution and injury probability caused by the pull ring from completely getting rid of the tank cover, and also solves the problem that the customer can't ensure the environmental health. Among other things, the design notes that the tank cover's concave groove at the end of the pull is deeper than originally specified, so that customers can refer to the pull by referring to the environmental end rather than the cover.

4 summarizes

The reliability design clearly proposed in the original text takes into account organic, personalized and production process elements. Although the use of plastic rocks on the beverage level is very common in recent years, however, the use of metal barrels on the outer packaging of soda and its fruit juice, beer and so on is particularly large. The product packaging design of metal barrels should be more environmentally friendly and more personalized. Only in this way can we really meet the needs of customers.