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Eoe commonly used sterilization

2018-04-12 20:30:00

There are four common methods to remove bacteria from canned fruits, which are steam type, side spray type, top spray type and sand bath type. These four common sterilization methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The sterilizing kettle of side spraying sterilization method is specially developed for the goods of inflatable packaging bag. The heating method is to spray cooling circulating water from the side to heat or refrigerate the sterilized goods. Since all the cooling circulating water is sprayed out almost at the same time, the temperature obtained by goods in various places is also the same, and the problem of temperature spread asymmetry can usually be ignored. In the whole process of operation of the side spraying sterilization kettle, the cooling circulating water and goods in the tank occupy less than 50% of the capacity, the vast majority of indoor space is steam, so the working pressure regulation in the sterilization tank is very easy. In other words, the working pressure in the sterilizer tank can be accurately manipulated according to the setting, which is very beneficial for the inflated aluminum foil packaging bag.

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For the whole water sterilization kettle method, because the proportion of water is usually more than the food to be sterilized, and the aluminum foil bag is filled with rare gas, so the goods have been floating in the whole process of sterilization. The overlapping placement of commodities endangers the fluidity of cooling circulating water, and in turn endangers the symmetry of heat distribution. Because 95% of the indoor space in the sterilization kettle is occupied by goods and water, so the operation of the backpressure working pressure in the whole process of sterilization kettle looks very ups and downs, and its linearity is far from spraying and side spraying on the car selling pulp.

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