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Aluminium eoe

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Eoe lid, also known as eoe lid, is a kind of pull ring for sealing can lid, belongs to the metal packaging products. It is mostly made of aluminum or tinplate and comes in a variety of sizes. Suitable for iron cans, aluminum cans, composite cans, PET plastic cans, paper cans, etc.

Eoe lid is used in the food canning industry for the lid of metal cans. Eoe process: sheet metal base cover forming pull ring combination forming post-processing process imaging visual cover packaging. Eoe come in round and non-round forms. Special-shaped eoe is to point to non circular eoe, such as elliptic, square, horseshoe shape.

Eoe  lid is used to seal and  eoe . It is defined as a cover pre-engraved with a deep notch line and riveted with a pull ring that can be safely ripped apart along the notch line when the pull ring is opened. It's a better security cap.

Aluminum is eoe  is difficult, many enterprises have fully considered the need for anti-counterfeiting before use, so the design of poor interchangeability is used in the production, and the type of cover is not good, so there is a certain anti-counterfeiting effect. Another anti-counterfeiting feature of the eoe lid is that special equipment is required to use it, so there are few cases of the use of eoe lid counterfeit alcohol products.