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For a long time, eoe lid has been widely used. Its style is shown. Full tear eoe manufacturing process mature, beautiful structure, stacking performance is good, not willing to store, transport and display. However, the pull ring will be thrown away after it is opened, causing environmental pollution and may hurt people, which is the weakness of the pull cover. In view of the weakness of the whole tearing easy pull cover, people designed the non - tearing easy pull cover, namely the retention type easy to open cover.

When the ring pulls up, the opening that keeps the lid open easily does not come off the lid, but is pushed into the tank. This structure avoids the damage and environmental pollution caused by the pull ring and the opening on the ground. However, this structure also has big holes. Canned beverages are susceptible to contamination by bacteria and dust when transported, displayed, sold, refrigerated and carried by consumers. Therefore, the consumer's drinking health cannot be guaranteed after the opening part is pushed into the tank and the tank.

In addition, the above two can lid pull is not very convenient to open. Consumers have a peaceful experience. That is to say, when opening the pull ring of the easy pull cover, the finger sleeve is mainly used to exert force. This design does not accord with the principle of user-friendly convenience. From the perspective of ergonomics, the finger end should have good force when lifting the ring, and the end of the ring pull should have contact space with the trap connection.