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Eoe production process arrangement

2022-07-20 11:22:14

Eoe mold process arrangement:

1. Underside processing to ensure processing quality;

Ii. Check the reference correction rate, 2D and 3D surface allowance of casting blank;

Three, 2D, 3D type surface rough processing, non-installation of non-working surface processing (including safety platform surface, buffer device installation surface, pressure plate plane, side datum);

Four, before semi-finishing, find out the positive accuracy of the side datum;

Five and a half, surface finishing, 2 d and 3 d type, finish machining all kinds of installation of face (including the spacing block, contact area, set pieces, installation surface and the back, the punch, chip installation, the installation of the residue of the blade surface, spring mounting surface and interface, all kinds of travel restrictions on working face, oblique wedge mounting surface and back), semi-finishing various guide, the guide hole, Leave the residual finishing process datum hole and height datum surface, and record the data;

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Six is to check and review the processing accuracy;

Seven, fitter edging process;

Eight, before finishing, eoe mold factory, process datum hole datum alignment, check insert allowance;

9, fine processing surface 2D, 3D, side punching surface and hole location, finishing technology benchmark hole and height benchmark, finishing guide surface and guide hole;

Ten, check and review the processing accuracy.