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Basic cover sheet system

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  • Time:2022-07-12 08:30:21
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The feeding mechanism of the system adopts the air floatation fast moving gripper feeding platform system, which not only ensures high speed and stable feeding, but also makes the mold maintenance very convenient and fast. The internal mold adopts pneumatic reverse molding mold structure design, so that the size of the lid is stable and consistent, and the service life of the mold parts is long, and the parts are easy to change. The mold cover adopts vacuum or magnet belt adsorption way to send the stamped foundation cover into the side winding machine respectively. Under the condition of ensuring the high speed and stable operation of the system, only four groups of side winding machine are used. The structure is simple and the adjustment is convenient, so that the size of the lid produced by the system is stable and the maintenance cost of customers is reduced.

We can design iron cover and aluminum cover sheet system according to customers' requirements, and update the basic cover sheet system design timely according to customers' usage habits and situations, provide economic and effective design scheme, and ensure the stability and reliability of the system operation.